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Find a Home Uniquely Yours. Our Experienced Buyer's Agents Can Help.

In todays real estate environment buyers are faced with more challenges than ever before in history. It may be a buyers market, but what does that really mean? Things such as Short Sale properties, REO Listed properties, HUD homes, Sheriff Sales, New construction, cluster homes, villas, condominiums, seniors-only housing and so much more. 

Then you are faced with a list of financing options. Some sound too good to be true and others are so intimidating that you have no idea which way to turn. ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) – are they really as bad as the media make them out to be? 30-year, 20-year, 15-year, even 10-year mortgages are available. What about a senior purchasing a new home or having one built using a Reverse Mortgage and never having to make a payment? 

A Niebel Realty Buyer's Agent will assist in sorting everything out.

Negotiating the purchase with either the Seller's Agent or directly with the seller. Here you want a plan of attack that has been pre-determined with your agent prior to ever making an initial offer. Our Buyer's Agents are fully trained to assist in all of these areas.

Our agents work on a commission. They are not paid in advance and there are no hidden charges before or after the sale. We earn your respect and loyalty and we earn the fee we are paid after assisting you in completing a successful purchase.

We invite all new buyers to meet with us for a strategic session prior to beginning a home search. We will learn all of your wants and needs and you will be able to ask any questions early on in the relationship.

You are unique. You have unique needs. Trust our experience to provide you with the best home-buying experience available in northeast Ohio.

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